Information and campaigns

While we are not a source of health information and advice, we do provide some basic information of the main areas of health and wellbeing that we, as East Riding of Yorkshire Council and partners, offer support on and to help you understand the topic in order to find the most suitable service, support or community led group available to you.

We run many specific campaigns, which may be ongoing or limited times, as well, to further support awareness, and acceptance, allowing people to thrive in the East Riding.

Let's Get Better

If you are looking for general health and medical information for all stages of life, visit the NHS website Let's Get Better. The website can help you find local treatment and care services, as well as provide links to all NHS related services available to you.

Information pages

The information pages you can find on this website cover topics that we have Public Health service leads working on awareness and procuring services for the people of the East Riding. If you want information on a full range of health, wellness, medical and symptom knowledge, visit the NHS website.

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